Brake Services in Fredericksburg, VA

How Do I Know I Need New Brakes?

There are many symptoms that you can experience that indicate you need one or more brake components changed or repaired. Some of the symptoms you might experience could include:

  • Pulsation in the brake pedal while depressed
  • Vehicle taking longer to stop than normal
  • Brake pedal feels “squishy” or “spongy” when depressed
  • Hearing a grinding noise when applying the brakes
  • Vehicle pulling to one side when braking
  • Puddle(s) of fluid in driveway
  • Brake warning light illuminated in dash

What is the Minimum Brake Pad Material My Vehicle Needs to Pass Virginia State Inspection?

A vehicle inspected in Virginia needs a minimum of 2/32” of brake pad material to pass inspection.

Do I Need to Change Both Brake Pads & Rotors or Can I Replace Just One?

We will always replace both the pads and rotors. These two components wear as a pair; therefore, they need to be replaced as a pair. If these two components are not replaced together you will experience uneven and premature wear/failure of the newly installed part.  Most importantly, your stopping performance will be impeded drastically and we can not stand behind a repair that is unsafe.

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