Digital Vehicle Inspection in Fredericksburg, VA

What is a Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI)?
(Not a state inspection)

digital vehicle inspection

A DVI is a comprehensive no-wrench inspection of all the major components of your vehicle. During this inspection, our technicians take photographs and write notes for any concerning component of your vehicle to share with you. This includes inspection of fluid samples, filters, brakes, anything visible in the engine bay, and more. Once complete, our service advisors will send you a link by either email or text message to view all photos and notes. After you’ve had a moment to look them over, one of our service advisors will go over everything that was found and help create a safety and budget-conscious plan for service and repair work for your vehicle.

Check out a sample inspection here!

How much does a DVI Cost?

Because we want to make sure you have access to your vehicle’s most up-to-date health reports, we provide the DVI complimentary to all new clients and with any service. If you would like a DVI outside of a service for a vehicle we have seen previously, or if you would like to use it for a pre-purchase inspection on a used vehicle, the cost is $225.00.

What is the Process of Getting a DVI for Pre-Purchase Inspection & is it Worth it?

choosing a car

Before signing paperwork to purchase a used vehicle, we advise requesting that the dealership or private seller allow for a pre-purchase inspection. The dealership will either give you a drive away plate to bring the vehicle to us for the inspection, or they will bring the vehicle to us for you. Either way is fine with us, but we highly recommend an appointment so as not to create a long wait.

With the inspection in hand, we can advise you on the any maintenance or repairs the vehicle may need. We have seen many instances of our clients declining to purchase vehicles that would ultimately have left them stranded or cost them thousands to make right. We have also been happy to give our clients the knowledge that they’re making a large purchase that doesn’t come with the looming threat of more expense.