Electrical Diagnostics in Fredericksburg, VA

What do I do if Warning Lights Come on in My Dash?

Don’t panic! These lights are designed to help you and a professional technician address an issue or potential issue in many of the components of your vehicle. If any of the lights come on, bring your vehicle to a reputable shop (preferably Just-N-Tyme!) and have a technician pull the codes from the vehicle. These codes will give more detailed information on what the root cause of the warning light is.

Is it Safe to Drive My Vehicle with Warning Lights On?

Most of the time it will be safe to drive your vehicle with a warning indicator on.  The system with the warning indicator illuminated will typically be in a fail-safe mode, also known as limp mode. We recommend driving your vehicle as little as possible when warning lights are on.  If the check engine light is illuminated and blinking, we recommend that the vehicle not be driven, and towed to the shop.  A blinking check engine light is an indicator that the engine is misfiring and if driven could cause damage to the engine.

When is it NOT Safe to Drive with a Warning Light on?

Whenever the check engine light is blinking, you need to stop driving immediately, and do not resume driving until it has turned off. You will most likely need to have your vehicle towed to the shop. If you continue to drive while this light is blinking, your vehicle could suffer major internal damage.

When My Vehicle is Brought to Just-N-Tyme Needing Diagnostics for a Warning Light or Other Concern, What Should I Expect?

Our first objective is to inform you of exactly what is wrong with your vehicle. This means we will first need to get detailed information from you regarding any symptoms from the vehicle you have experienced. If there are any warning lights on in the dash, we will next retrieve the DTC’s (codes) from the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) to give us a good starting point in our diagnostics.  

Depending on the symptoms you describe to us, what codes (if any) we pull from the ECU, and what symptoms we experience during our first inspection of the vehicle, we’ll move on to more specific diagnostics. Normally root problems can be discovered within the first hour of our diagnostics, so our charged labor will start at the hour. Should we need more, we will discuss the reasoning with you before moving further. Should we need less, we can reduce the labor cost accordingly.

Will You Repair My Vehicle if I Have Had it Diagnosed Elsewhere?

No. We need to do our own diagnostics before we can provide an accurate repair. We enforce this policy so we can warranty our work for you. If for some reason another shop has diagnosed your vehicle incorrectly, we do not want to charge you for a repair that will not ultimately fix the issue you’re experiencing.

Will You Provide a General Quote for the Cost of a Repair without Diagnosing My Vehicle?

No. In order for us to stand by a quote, we need to be the shop diagnosing the concern and recommending the specific repair(s) needed.