Wheel Alignment in Fredericksburg, VA

What is a Wheel Alignment & Why is it Important?

A wheel alignment adjusts different suspension and steering components of your vehicle which effect the ride quality as well as how quickly suspension/steering components and tires wear over time. There are 3 adjustments made when doing an alignment, **when possible. These adjustment points are camber, caster, and toe. Below is a visual representation of these adjustments outside of 0 or neutral…

Your vehicle has a factory recommended adjustment angle for all 3 of the above points. Maintaining those requires periodic realignment. By keeping your vehicle aligned, you will extend the life of its suspension/steering components and tires. You will also have a smoother ride with the steering wheel not pulling either left or right when driving and see better fuel economy.

**Some vehicles are not equipped with the ability to adjust certain suspension/steering points. There are often aftermarket kits that can be installed to allow for these points to be adjusted, which is sometimes critical when altering the ride height of the vehicle (lifting or lowering).

Do You Offer Alignments to Clients with Lowered Vehicles? YES! Our Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment Machine has a flush-mounted alignment rack, allowing us to get even the lowest vehicle on the rack for alignment.